First Class Clackamas Teens

spring 2018 Class Schedule

Classes updated as of 1/6/18

Please Note:
Students are not allowed on facility location unless they are in a class listed below, or a study hall period, or attending an event. This is required to keep all students, tutors and the Journey Church safe. Registered students are welcome to attend Chapel and lunch time (between 12:10 - 1:00 pm).

Period 1: 9:00 AM- 10:30 AM

Core Classes

Jr. High Life Science - Julie Pen

Period 1: 7th-9th grade. Full-year course. 

Prepare to be amazed by the diversity and intricacies of life on Earth – all of which reflects the majesty and glory of their Creator. In-class lab investigations and at-home assignments will explore the foundational principles of life’s chemistry and structure, an introduction to genetics, the evidences for and against Darwinian evolution, and an overview of human body systems. (Based, in part, on Apologia’s Exploring Creation with General Science.) Students must have reliable internet access and will need to spend about 3 hours each week outside of class completing online reading and project or worksheet-based homework.
  • Class Fee: $140/term or 4 payments of $35
  • Lab Fee: $15 each term
  • Tutor Email:

Anatomy - Kate Whalen

Period 1: Open to all students. Full-year course. 

This class will cover the basic body systems, learning the appropriate terms and locations of organs. We will also cover physiology or how they work. We will see that a loving Creator has fearfully and wonderfully made us.
  • Class Fee:$120/term or 4 payments of $30
  • Required Textbook: Body by Design - Alan L. Gillen (Master Books 2001)
  • Optional:The Anatomy Coloring Book 4th Ed. by Kapit/Elson
  • (ISBN 978-0-321-83201-6)
  • Tutor Email:

Constitutional Literacy & American Government -
Patrick Lumbroso

Period 1: 9th-12th grade. 

The Constitution was not written in the name of our leaders, but by the authority of "We The People." It was expected that the people would enforce leaders' duty to preserve, protect, and defend the constitution. Join Michael Farris, founder and chancellor of Patrick Henry College and Chairman of the Home School Legal Defense Association as he delves into the history of our nation's most important document and provides the training to turn America back towards a proper understanding of American Liberty.
  • Class Fee Period: $140/term or 4 payments of $35
  • Required Textbook:TBD
  • Tutor Email:

Advanced Literature with Writing - Sheryl Jury

Period 1: 9th-12th Grade.

For this college-preparatory literature and composition course we will be using Literature and Composition: English 2, by Janice Campbell. (See description here: The works we will study have been selected for literary quality, and for their place in the historical development of literature. Context readings provide background information about the author, the historical period, and the literary and artistic context of the focus work. Students will gain an understanding of the development of literature and will practice the skills of close literary analysis through essays, approach papers, and other creative and evaluative writing. The instructor will evaluate each student's writing and give feedback.
  • Class Fee: $140/term or 4 payments of $35
  • Required Textbook: Literature and Composition: English 2 by Janice Campbell; all eight of the focus texts
  • Tutor Email:

Algebra 1 - Jeanne Howard-Snodgrass

​Period 1: All students who are proficient in pre-algebra skills (contact teacher before signing up).
Full-year course. 

Success in math spills over creating a motivated, confident student; I have seen this in the 25 years I have taught. A deep understanding of the main topics of math is preferable to skimming a wide range of topics; so the course will cover: review (fractions, decimals, order of operations, integers), equations, inequalities, exponents, polynomials, quadratics and further topics as time allows. Be ready for an interactive class! Study Guide and supplementary worksheets provided. Textbook: one of two editions of Algebra One, McDougal Littell; TBD which edition will be used.
  • Class Fee: $140/term or 4 payments of $35
  • Supply Fee: $10 due the first day of class (one-time fee for the year)
  • Refundable Textbook Deposit: $20 due the first day of class 
  • Tutor Email:

American History - Tammy Whitlock

​Period 1: Open to all students. Full year course.

This class will cover U.S. History from colonial through modern times over two terms. The class format will be very interactive and students should expect to participate in discussions and give presentations. Weekly reading will be expected and quizzes or games to reinforce facts will be part of making sure material is retained. A minimal amount of writing will be necessary (think making flash cards or timelines rather than writing papers.)  We will be memorizing the US Presidents, Constitutional Amendments and the main Supreme Court cases -- as well as encountering the Stories in U.S. History. This class will be geared to equip those who wish to take the US History CLEP tests for college credit, while younger students will be learning at their level of readiness. Games will be played, fun will be had.
  • ​Class Fee: ($100/term or 4 payments of $25)
  • Required Textbook: TBD, Timeline & Flashcards will be used.
  • Tutor Email:

Period 3: 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

Elective Classes

MS Office - Laura Petchell 

3 spots left!
Period 3 - Open to all students. Optional for a full year course.

​Fall term focus - students will; 1) review or learn proper hand placement for typing skills; 2) learn the basics of their computer operating system, and file management; 3) learn basic/intermediate and some advanced functions of MS Word while working through a fun lesson plan.

NEW! Spring term focus - students will; 1) learn basic and intermediate MS Excel functions, 2) learn basic/intermediate and some advanced PowerPoint functions while working through a fun lesson plan. Time permitting at the end of the term, students will help help create FCCT's Year End slideshow.
  • Class Fee: $120 per term or 4 payments of $30
  • Required Textbook: copies provided
  • Personal Laptop required each class, with MS Office (any version)​
  • Tutor Email:
  • ​LIMIT: 10 students

Math Tutoring - Jeanne Howard-Snodgrass

Period 3:  Open to all students. Optional for a full year course.

Concentrated time to receive valuable math tutoring from an enthusiastic, encouraging, 25-year math teacher. Bring your textbook, notebook (with a place to take colorful, helpful notes) and your questions. Math levels from elementary/middle school through pre calculus.
  • Class Fee: $120/term or 4 payments of $30
  • Tutor Email:

Oregon History - Jenifer Keikkala

Period 3 - Open to all students.

We will be going from the geology and settling of Oregon to the modern day industries Oregon has to offer. We will have small projects weekly to expand what we covered in class. This is an Oregon History class unlike most. Get ready to really dive into cool facts for a better understanding of our great state.​
  • Class Fee: $100/term or 4 payments of $25
  • No Required Textbook just bring a notebook.
  • Tutor Email:

Beginning Choir - Nora KosztolanyI

Period 3 - Open to all students.

All levels of experience are welcome to join and learn vocal technique and the art of singing together as a choir using a combination of worship, classical, jazz and popular music. Students will also learn some of the basics of the musical language in a fun, interactive and creative setting. 
  • Class Fee: $120/term or 4 payments of $30
  • Tutor Email:

Christian Living according the book of didache
Patrick Lumbroso

Period 3 - Open to all students.

Ever heard of the Didache? It is one of the earliest writings by believers in Jesus that some feel was written as early as 50 CE. It is a manual of practical living instructions written by the Jewish disciples of Jesus to teach biblical lifestyle to believers in Messiah from the nations. It may even contain material older than many of Paul’s epistles and the Gospel of John. The Didache offers believers today an incredible window into the life of Jesus-believers at a time when believers functioned as a sect within Judaism and not as a separate religion. While offering a fresh perspective of the new movement that became known as Christianity, the Didache itself is no longer than the Letter to the Galatians.

Along with my understanding of scriptures from the Hebrew writings, I will endeavor in this to reconstruct this perspective. I will use material from: • Fox's Book of Martyrs • Antiquities of Josephus by Flavius Josephus • Ecclesiastical History from Eusebius • Ancient referencing material that would have been used by the disciples themselves.

Art - Jessica Dahle & Yvonne Kazmierowicz

Class full
Period 3: Open to all students.

Beginners and intermediates. This class is designed to bring out your inner-artist! Students will learn how to create masterpieces using various brush techniques, color mixing, shading and composition. We will be painting 5-7 different pieces throughout the course including Monet's water lilies, Calvin and Hobbs water colors, and much more! By the end of the course you will have confidence with a paint brush and a stack of beautiful paintings to prove your new found expertise! Students provide their own supplies.
  • Class Fee: $120/term or 4 payments of $30
  • Tutor Email - Jessica:
  • Tutor Email - Yvonne -

Period 2: 10:40 AM - 12:10 PM

Core classes

Biology - Kate Whalen

Period 2: 9th-12th Grade. Full-year course. 

This course covers the study of life from the microscopic to plants and animals. It covers the basic chemistry and structure of the cell and cellular reproduction. This is a high school level course and covers 2 semesters. 
  • Class Fee: $120/term or 4 payments of $30
  • Required Textbook: Exploring Creation with Biology 2nd Edition by Wile and Durnell (Apologia).
  • Tutor Email:

Physics - Julie Pen

Period 2: 9-12th grade. Full-year course.

Explore the fundamental processes that govern the physical world, including motion and forces, energy, heat exchange, electricity, magnetism, sound and light waves, and the structure of matter. With an emphasis on learning through real-world examples and hands-on lab investigations, Conceptual Physics aims to build a solid understanding of principles before moving on to mathematical applications. Students must complete Algebra I before taking this course.
  • Class Fee:$140/term or 4 payments of $35.
  • Required Textbook: Conceptual Physics: The High School Physics program by Paul G. Hewitt (Available used or for rent on Amazon or - ISBN 0133647498)
  • Required Workbook: Conceptual Physics Guided Reading & Study Workbook (ISBN 0133647390)
  • Tutor Email:

Writing - Yvonne Kazmierowicz

Period 2 - Open to all students. 

Good writing is so important to our future success. We just have to practice.My goal is to make writing enjoyable. Through lively discussions and class interactions.We will cover many different types of writing, from Poetry to Essay. Entirely new material is covered each term. Students who enrolled last spring can continue in the fall.
  • Class Fee: $140/term or 4 payments of $35
  • $10 discount if paid in full at beginning of term
  • Required Textbook: Writers INC Sebrank/Kemper/Meyer Copyright 2006
  • Tutor, 503.504.6448

Current Events - Patrick Lumbroso

Period 2: 7th-12th grade.

This course will use some videos and other media to start the discussion of current events.
  • Class Fee: $140/term or 4 payments of $35
  • Required Textbook: none
  • Tutor Email:

Pre-Algebra - Jeanne Howard-Snodgrass

Period 2: All students who are proficient with addition and multiplication facts and multi-digit multiplication (contact teacher with questions).
Full-year course. 

I believe foundational, deep understanding of the main topics of math is preferable to skimming a wide range of topics. The middle school level is the perfect place to learn the skills imperative to advanced math. We will review some basic concepts, cement those that have been touched on year after year and then head into new territory! Topics include: multiplication, division, decimals, fractions, integers, ratios/proportions, percentages, order of operations, equations, measurement (perimeter, area, volume). Study Guide and supplementary worksheets provided. Text TBD. 
  • Class Fee: $140/term or 4 payments of $35
  • Supply Fee: $10 due the first day of class (one-time fee for the year)
  • Text: cost and text TBD 
  • Tutor Email:

Literature - Sheryl Jury

Period 2: Open to all students. Full year course.

In this general literature class we will study and discuss one classic book per month, and learn along the way how to research the author's life, the historical setting, etc.  We will also learn various literary terms and vocabulary.  Most importantly, we will think about how to evaluate books from a Biblical worldview. The final book list has not been made, but will most likely include: at least one Shakespeare play, The Princess and the Goblin by George MacDonald, The Club of Queer Trades by GK Chesterton, Captains Courageous by Rudyard Kipling, Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery, etc. 
  • Class fee: $120/term or 4 payments of $30
  • Required books:  An unabridged version of the focus works.  
  • Tutor Email: 

Period 4: 2:10 PM - 3:10 PM

Elective Classes

Physical Ed. - Gabriel Meiers

Period 4 - Open to all students. Optional for a full year course

To give the student an opportunity to explore several different personal and group physical activities. Our goal will be to participate in different kinds of sports such as Basketball, Volleyball, Different forms of Softball, Frisbee, Football, Soccer, and others. As well as encourage and challenge the student to develop a habit of personal fitness and measure personal progress​
  • Class Fee: $100/term or 4 payments of $25
  • Tutor Email:

Home & design - Beverly Wanvig 

Period 4 - Open to all students.
This class will focus on home design, textiles, art, and other related topics. Students are required to bring a non-lined spiral bound
  • Class Fee: $120/term or 4 payments of $30
  • Supply Fee:  $30
  • Tutor Email: ​

Photography Level 1 - Yvonne Kazmierowicz

Period 4 - Open to all students.

This term we will be focusing more on specific types of photography: Landscape, Portrait, Macro, and Video. We will cover all the aspects of creating a wonderful image while increasing our understanding of how the camera works including Shutter speed/ aperture/ ISO, Composition/color/ light, and much more will be covered. This is a fun interactive lab style class. We review everyone's work each week and do some shooting each week as well. DSLR. Point and shoot and even IPhones can be used.
  • Class Fee: $120/term or 4 payments of $30
  • $10 discount if paid in full
  • Tutor Email:, 503.504.6448

Creation and Current events in science - Phil Gaskill

Period 4: 9th-12th grade.

New scientific discoveries are being made almost every day.  Many of these discoveries are announced as further evidence for Evolution, long ages, or an old universe.  Have you ever wondered how these new discoveries fit with the Bible?  In this reading and discussion class, we will look at current events in science from a biblical perspective and will discover that creation is the best explanation.  Instead of textbooks, we will use articles from the following creation science websites:,, and
  • Class Fee: $120/term or 4 payments of $30
  • Tutor Email:, 503.630.5568

Cartooning - Nathan Fellows

Class full
If you want to be on a wait list, please email Please give parent and student names.

Period 4: Open to all students.

Want to learn how to draw cartoon characters? Well here you go! In this class, you will learn the basics of cartooning from your favorite comic strips and cartoons. You'll also learn other skills (including proportion, gesture, composition, etc.) that can be applied to any medium of art! At the end of each term you'll have a comic strip or page to display your talented work to everyone. (Take note: there will be homework)
  • Class Fee: $100/Term or 4 payments of $25
  • Supply Fee: $10
  • Tutor Email:
  • LIMIT: 9 students

Computer Aided Design - Phil Kazmierowicz

Period 4: Open to all students.

Student will learn to use the computer to make three dimensional models of real world objects like tables and trucks and houses.  Class will use the free version of the software “Sketchup”.  User must bring a laptop with mouse (Windows or Mac) to class.  Watch this video for more info
  • New Spring 17 students please contact Phil before registering.
  • Class Fee: $120/term or 4 payments of $30
  • $10 discount if paid in full
  • Tutor Email:​

Study Hall - Becky Fowler & Laura Petchell

Open to all students - all periods. 

Please note: Students are not allowed on facility location unless they are in a class listed above, or a study hall period. This is required to keep all students, tutors and the Journey Church safe. Registered students are welcome to attend Chapel and lunch time (between 12:10 - 1:00 pm).
  • Class Fee: Periods 1-2 ($40 per term), 3-4 ($20 per term)
  • Tutor emails:
  • 2nd & 3rd period - Becky Fowler:
  • 1st & 4th periods - Laura Petchell: