First Class Clackamas Teens

How do I register my teen?

We've made it as easy as possible with our new online registration process.
  1. Once you have checked out the classes you would like to enroll your student in, there will be an Online Registration page available during the Open Registration dates.
  2. On the Registration Form, fill out the personal information, then select the class(es) you would like to enroll them in.
  3. Pay the FCCT Term Registration Fee at the end of the form, then Submit to complete.
  4. Contact the Tutor(s) for any advanced information.

How & When do I pay for fees & classes?

Once you have submitted your teens online registration...

1. At the end of the online Registration Form, there is a  page set up to pay the Term Registration Fee: 
  • Term registration fee is $60 PER FAMILY, not per student.
  • Late Registration fee is $65 PER FAMILY, not per student
IMPORTANT: If you have already paid through your first student's registration, you may select "ALREADY PAID" for second, third, student(s), etc., which then skips the payment information. 

Please note, if you select "ALREADY PAID" for your first student you will need to make your registration payment before the registration period ends, or there will be a late fee. To do this, contact Kate Whalen at Thank you.
  • ​The fee covers the use of the building, heat, light, supplies and cleaning.
  • Online Registration is; Monday, Aug. 21st- Sept. 4th.
​2. You may contact the class Tutors for any further information regarding textbooks/materials, and pay them directly before or on the first day of class, either in full or in 4 monthly payments. Tutor email addresses are located on the Class Schedule page. Most tutors will contact you before classes start with details, so start looking for emails!